Placeholder ImagePlaceholder ImageI’m in New York for the inaugural Marketing to Gen Z conference tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited. Since I started my healthy obsession with this topic a while back, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to connect with and learn from the experts in this space. I want to get my hands on the latest and greatest research from the likes of Piper Jaffray, Sparks & Honey and C + R Research. Frankly, I’m thirsty for any/all information I can get my hands on so I can help brands and marketers realize the value of focusing on this important consumer audience.

Gen Zs aren’t just kids buying toys! On the contrary, the oldest are turning 21 this year, graduating from college and entering the workforce. Collectively, Gen Z represents $44 billion in direct buying power and influence a whopping $600 billion (yes, they have tremendous influence over us parents). In the past, brands and marketers have been slow to adapt to new generations, leaving many to play catch up with their marketing strategies. Think about it. How many brands are still trying to figure out how to market to millennials? Most! But Gen Zs aren’t just the consumers of tomorrow. They are here TODAY, and it’s time to engage them, on their terms, or risk having to play catch up once again.