Confession. My name is Angie, and I’m a make-up junkie. Since I was a little girl, maybe 6 or 7, I’ve been obsessed with makeup. My favorite toy growing up? My giant Barbie head. The one that came with “make-up” and hair brushes/accessories so you could play beauty shop. I was enamored and occupied for hours and hours on end! I also learned the hard way that her hair does not grow back if you cut it. (Did they ever fix that flaw?)

I’m not a brand snob with makeup either. I’ll buy whatever I think best matches my skin or color tone, or if a friend tells me to try it. I like to experiment. My high school friends lovingly referred to my style as “Angie eyes.” (I’m pretty sure I used five eye shadow colors at once on most days. But again, it WAS the 80s people. Don’t judge.) Even now, sometimes my adult friends ask me to do their make-up for special occasions. If I hadn’t gone into PR/marketing, I’m pretty sure I would have been a make-up artist.

CoverGirl has always been part of my make-up arsenal. This morning, I counted three CoverGirl products on my counter that I cannot live without. Foundation, loose powder and blush. I’ve been buying and using those same products for years. I’ll experiment with everything else, but those are my staples.

My POINT is, I’m a CoverGirl fan. Always have been. And after reading yesterday’s Fortune article about how CG just named its first ever MALE model, I love them even more! Welcome, 17-year-old make-up artist and social media star James Charles to the CG family. Isn’t he GORGEOUS? (Love his freckles, and those lips!)

covergirl-james-charlesWhat does this have to do with Gen Z? Pretty much everything. Gen Z rejects traditional gender roles and embraces gender fluidity. For them, gender just doesn’t have the same boundaries or societal restrictions as it once did. They support gender-neutral bathrooms. They don’t blink an eye at the Jaden Smith’s of the world wearing skirts. When Bruce Jenner transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner, they applauded and embraced her, but they couldn’t understand why people were making such a fuss about it! This is their norm. I’m so proud of my own three Z children for their open-mindedness and appreciation/respect for individuality. Mankind can learn a lot from these wise young people.

I believe this is a bold, brilliant move for CoverGirl. Undoubtedly they’ll get some backlash. It won’t be a universally popular decision. But it’s the perfect move to gain awareness and brand love with Gen Z. I say “brand love” vs. “brand loyalty” – as Gen Zs are the least loyal consumers (at this point). Instead, they demand quality products at a great value, from brands that do the right thing, and they’ll shop around until they find them! Now, they can look no further than CoverGirl to satisfy these demands in the makeup aisle.

To the folks at CoverGirl – thank you. Next time I’m on my weekly shopping run at Target, I plan to pick up a few additional CG products as a way to show my approval and appreciation for this courageous move!