Fantastic article. Thanks, Nancy at GettingGenZ.

It’s time to think of Generation Z as a generation with adults.

The generation we define as today’s tech-savvy kids is no longer just a bunch of kids who love their phones.  Born in 1995, the eldest of this ambitious generation of 2 billion globally are turning 21 this year and as adults, these Gen Z will have a favorable impact on the global economy, especially as consumers.

With the burn to earn a high salary, and passion for consumption, I predict that Gen Z will be a very powerful and lucrative consumer segment. The average US salary of an adult Gen Z will go from $16.90/week allowance to $50k-$70k/year salary , growing the $44B buying power up to $200B in a few years.  By 2020, Gen Z will be 40% of consumers in the US and is positioned to become the single largest group of consumers worldwide. Gen Z has been burning to earn…

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