Worth the read – Move Over Millennials, Marketers Set Sights on Gen Z, from CMS Wire, written by Kevin Lindsay, Director of Marketing at Adobe. Kevin makes some great points, summarized below if you don’t have time to read the full article.

Why are brands coming out of the woodwork to get their products and services front-and-center before these kids? Why is this “next up” generation already so appealing to marketers? And what’s the end game?

  • Gen Z is the ultimate multi-tasking generation. Eighty-four percent say they use their smartphones or tablets while watching TV. They’re constantly gaming and chatting, texting and watching videos, consuming content and making purchases, all without missing a beat. As a result, brands targeting Gen Z must split the culture of this generation from the moments in time.
  • They’re always going to be mobile-first and always be comfortable pivoting between platforms and, even, using multiple simultaneously.
  • Writes 1000 Dreams Fund founder Christie Garton in Entrepreneur, “[C]ompanies need to discover how to genuinely connect with Gen Z to build trust and loyalty. Even if Gen Z isn’t your current target audience, they will be — and the best time to grab their attention is now.”
  • Delivering the right message on the right platform at the right time clearly won’t be enough to move the needle with Z. To be effective, brands need to be everywhere they are, creating fully immersive and fully synergistic cross-channel experiences that can work in tandem to further Gen Z’s customer journeys.
  • Gen Z consumers want to be heard and they want to feel like they’re shifting discourse and driving influence. They want to feel like, despite their age, they’re each a meaningful personal brand, worthy of attracting and engaging.
  • How to deliver? Just ask, and deliver relevance accordingly. Invite them to be ambassadors or influencers. Ask their opinion on new products and services. See what they want as individuals and as a collective, then show how your brand is responding based on that feedback. It’s simple, but it’s powerful.