Black-ish is a great show. Admittedly, I don’t watch it religiously (like I do Survivor, Empire and others), but when I do tune in, I find myself laughing. A lot. But one of the shows young stars, Yara Shahidi (16), is stepping away from comedy to focus on a much more serious issue – this year’s election. I encourage you to read her essay on Refinery29. (Warning for anyone supporting Trump – Yara and many Gen Zs are #HerWith all the way!)

Below are some key takeaways, once again proving that Gen Z really does care about the future of our country.

  • Being 16, I won’t be able to vote until 2020, but so many of my peers will be voting for the first time next week. The importance of their vote is colossal. Unfortunately, this election has been filled with the things that make reality TV so successful: name-calling, misogyny, and reactionary retribution, to name a few. Many of my peers who are of voting age are questioning if their vote even matters.
  • So why am I so passionate about voting when I cannot vote yet? Because I know that I can be heard. I can speak to my friends and family members who are of voting age and make sure that they understand how important making their voice heard at the polls is.
  • My generation is one that stands for the shattering of glass ceilings and barriers. We’re for creating a safe space for ALL people, no matter their race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, gender identity, or socioeconomic status. And since many of you knew her as a first lady, senator, or secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has spent the majority of her life fighting for these very values.
  • What inspires me is that Hillary began a life of activism at a young age.
  • I am fortunate that at such a young age, I am actively witnessing history being made. We cannot come this close to electing the first female president in our history and not make it to the finish line.
  • Of course, there is so much more to tackle and the journey is continuing, but I am confident that with Hillary Clinton, my generation has an ally. The race is not over. Our feet must keep running. Hillary is blazing a trail for women to be treated equitably, so we young women and girls can continue deepening our understanding that we are worthy and that one day we, too, can be the president.