With all the fake “news” swirling today, how are tweens/teens supposed to know what to believe? Adults can’t even make sense of it all!

Thankfully, one teen-focused publication — Teen Vogue —  keeps surprising us with its informative, thoughtful editorial on important issues, including politics.

For some insight into Teen Vogue’s political coverage, check out “Donald Trump’s Alleged Sexual Preference For Golden Showers Goes Viral – For all the Wrong Reasons.” (Sorry parents, formerly “taboo” issues are unavoidable these days, so it’s best to inform and educate our kids.They can handle it.)

Before that, its piece, “Donald Trump is Gaslighting America,” generated national commentary about the meaning of gaslighting and the role it played in Trump’s rise to power. It also earned Teen Vogue some major journalistic street-cred from the likes of Dan Rather!

Teen Vogue is targeted to a teen audience, but its writers don’t dumb down their coverage. They don’t fill its pages with teen heart-throbs or make-up tutorials (although, sure, there’s some of that stuff too. Because it’s fun!). They also tackle big issues with hard-hitting, educational editorial. That includes politics, feminism, racism, inclusion, self-identity … all the issues Gen Z deeply cares about. And they don’t sugar-coat the issues, because they know their audience is smart, realistic and can smell B.S. from a mile away. Teens demand authenticity and truth.

I’m excited to give my 13-year-old daughter a subscription to Teen Vogue. It’s important for her to learn about these issues from a non-threatening, trusted resource — even if it also happens to include some celebrity gossip or wardrobe “do’s and don’ts.” Because, hey, well-rounded women want and deserve both!