Making headlines this week, Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of retail for Apple (in an interview with CBS) said she wants Gen Z to say “meet me at Apple” instead of “meet me at Starbucks.” That’s a triple-shot Venti order indeed, and one that my resident Starbucks’ groupie, Miss Gabby (13) doesn’t think can happen.

“No one my age goes there. There’s nothing fun to do at an Apple store. No food. No music. Too many workers. Nobody thinks of it as a hangout place. We all already have phones.”

Cynic! Have a little faith, right? It appears Apple is taking steps to change some of that. They’re redesigning stores to be more “hangout-friendly” with open meetings spaces, classes, workshops and even live performances.

Gabby isn’t convinced. Yet. I asked what would make her change her mind.

“If there were some type of drink or snack bar, or if you could do your homework on their computers. If more of my friends went there, I’d probably go there.”

I doubt they’ll go so far as a snack or coffee bar, not with such high-dollar merch nearby. But I see potential.

So, Apple. Once you’ve redesigned your stores, how are you going to market to Gen Z, especially if they’re not in the market to buy a new phone or laptop? The old saying, “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t hold much water with Gen Z, even for a mega-popular brand like yours.