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My Convo w/ Connor Blakley: 17-year-old Gen Z Phenom

Confession. I totally fangirled today. Not over some A-list celebrity or big-time rock star. Or even over an iconic journalist (Dan Rather - I love that man!). Instead, the source was 17-year-old Connor Blakley, an entrepreneur, speaker and youth marketing... Continue Reading →

Generations by the Numbers

I've been asked several times to outline the birth years of the different generations. I'll borrow an explanation from the Center for Generational Kinetics because they do a great job of discussing this topic. Excerpt below: At The Center for... Continue Reading →

What’s in Store for Gen Z

My daughter Gabby is 13 and testing her boundaries of independence. Along with my patience, of course, but that's another story. The "play dates" are long gone. Now she prefers to go to a local outdoor mall - either that or... Continue Reading →

They Wanna Go to Work, Work (Work Work Work Work)

Girl group Fifth Harmony wasn't singing about Gen Z when they recorded their popular song, "Work From Home." The catchy line "you don't wanna go to work" (work then repeated something like a thousand times) might apply to millennials, but... Continue Reading →

I’m Subscribing to Teen Vogue Today!

With all the fake "news" swirling today, how are tweens/teens supposed to know what to believe? Adults can't even make sense of it all! Thankfully, one teen-focused publication -- Teen Vogue --  keeps surprising us with its informative, thoughtful editorial on important... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Gen Z Research

Happy New Year, everyone! It's been several weeks since my last post. Like most people, I went into a holiday-induced hibernation for a bit. But also, I hadn't seen anything worth writing about regarding Gen Z. Until now. Barkley/FutureCast just released some... Continue Reading →

Gen Z Optimistic about 2017

As reported in an article today on Yahoo Finance: Each December, Fuse (a marketing agency focused on connected with teens and young adults) conducts a survey that looks at the trends and attitudes defining teens and young adults heading into the... Continue Reading →

Neiman Marcus and Rent the Runway – A Stylish New Partnership

I don't think I've ever set foot in Neiman Marcus. First, they don't have a store in Kansas City, where I do most of my shopping. Also, I think of them as being really expensive and exclusive. Diane von Furstenberg? Not... Continue Reading →

My latest article on Smart Phones are Smart for Homework Time, Too

This mom got schooled about what homework time looks like today. Check it out.

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