Hello. I’m Angie – proud mom to three Gen Zs (18, 15 and 13) and a marketer fascinated by this smart, hard-working, pragmatic and entrepreneurial generation.

Before starting A to Z Communications, I was a partner at a global communications firm. A¬†few years ago, one of our clients needed help launching a new line of slippers aimed at tween/teen girls. Our first inclination – as is often the case – was to assume tweens/teens are basically “younger millennials.” But the more we researched Gen Z and what makes them tick, the more we realized how different they are from their Gen Y older brothers and sisters.

That’s when the lightbulb came on. Marketing to Gen Z will require a whole new set of rules, and I set out on a mission to educate other marketers about the biggest and likely most challenging consumer group that is about to rock our world (literally).

I hope this blog helps you understand this incredible generation so you can reach and engage them in an authentic and meaningful way. And if you’re a parent, this may help you too. I’m sure I will pepper in examples and stories from my own household and life as I continue to learn from my Gen Z kids every day.

Thank you for visiting!