you find the best convertible car seat for your 3-year-old

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Ex – show them Best car seats at a glance

               Best overall car seat-

               Best car seat money can buy-

               Best car seat for travel-

               Best budget car seat-

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Ex- Diona radian 3rxx

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Note- Rember Product clusters where general compariisons connect to product reviews

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Ex- Diono radian 3xt Review

               With its slim size and high safety rating its become most popul. In fact we classedfied it as one of out best car seats for 3 year olds(Link to general comparison)

But its not all glits and gla. Its heavy and scored low on tests fors blah bla….we will share the results of our research

(Body of content) Create a standard for the product what customers care

Ex for car seats -Safety, size, comfort, specs, protabilit, ease of installation

(conclusion) The diona radiant is the solid choise for all oir tests and give a good poitnt.

  • Branded comparison (Customer at this point has narrowed the product hey want and need a side by side comparisonSame like review but a coamaprison maybe side by side sexyConclusion – jut wrap things up short n sweet

Note- Connect the backlink to individual reviews of product and to general comparison for seats to complete the cluster

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